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    New Master Class for Drummers

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    Featuring Devon Parker

    This master class is sure to inspire you. If you are looking to get insight on what it takes to be a touring drummer, session musician and pick up a few licks, warm ups, tricks and techniques, this master class is for you. Devon Parker has played and toured with many well known award-winning artists and is currently on tour with legendary artist and producer Teddy Riley, Blackstreet & More

    ebook - "The Broke Note 1.0"

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    How to Make passive income as a singer and musician


    Turn your assets into Revenue

    What’s inside "The Broke Note?”

    Topics covered in this eBook:

    1. Perception

    2. How to make 2k in 30 days

    3. Passive income for musicians

    4. Setting up your business

    5. Releasing music

    6. Finding your assets

    7. Getting the callback

    8. Repeat gigs

    9. What others won't tell you

    10. Don't throw away any note

    11. Where you should spend your money

    12. The Church Musician Reputation

    13. 5 Streams One Gift